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The future of health care lives here.

Construction has started on the parking garage and The Ottawa Hospital is on track with plans to build a new hospital that will lead the way for the future of health care and transform patient experience for the people we serve across the greater Ottawa and Eastern Ontario region, Western Quebec and Nunavut.

The new hospital will be the most modern in Canada, an incredible state-of-the-art building that will be a catalyst for reshaping health care in our community and across the region.

A closeup rendering of the front entrance): A view of the main entrance at The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus.

The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus will be home to one of Canada’s largest adult acute care hospitals, including a leading neuroscience and trauma centre, as well as enhanced surgical suites, outpatient clinics and specialized care.  Every patient will have their own room, equipped with an accessible washroom, and space for a loved one to spend the night. Smart in-room digital screens will keep patients connected with their loved ones who are unable to visit the hospital and there will be designated spaces for spiritual reflection, ceremony and healing.

A view of the urban plaza at The Ottawa Hospital’s new campusA view of the urban plaza at The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus, from Carling Ave. A research tower is in the foreground, with the main hospital building behind.

The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus will be built on a 50-acre site bordered by Carling Avenue, Preston Street, and Prince of Wales Drive, near Dow’s Lake in Ottawa.

We are thrilled to work closely with The Ottawa Hospital staff members, patient and family advisors, Indigenous partners and community members to develop and refine plans for what will become Canada’s most modern hospital. The guiding principles that are at the core of design planning reflect an ambitious vision of the future of health care.

  • 641 beds.
  • 5,000+ employees.
  • 2.5 million sq. ft on a 50-acre site.
  • The most advanced trauma centre in Eastern Ontario.
  • A world-class facility that will attract health care professionals, researchers and students from around the world.
  • A one-patient, one bedroom, one-bathroom model for better infection prevention and control, better privacy and better rest.
  • One of the most innovative neuroscience research programs in the world.
  • Research and education integrated into the design to ensure patients benefit from the most advanced and innovative technologies and therapies.
  • A transit-oriented site, pedestrian and cyclist safe, accessible, with enclosed walkways and greenspace.
  • ‘Smart’ interactive, accessible communication technology.

  • Create an exceptional experience for patients, families and staff
  • Improve health and wellness for people onsite and in the community
  • Ensure Universal Access for people living with a wide range of abilities
  • Provide a welcoming space for everyone
  • Promote leadership in research and innovation
  • Encourage learning opportunities for the next generation of health care workers
  • Contribute to planetary health and environmental sustainability

Interiror view of the patient's roomAt The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus, all patient rooms will be single rooms with private, accessible washrooms, floor to ceiling daylight and space for family, designed to enhance the patient experience.

Construction continues

The work to build The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus continues this spring and every effort is being made to minimize disruption to neighbouring communities.

Construction crews are busy on the 50-acre site that will be home to one of Canada’s most modern, technologically advanced and accessible hospitals. Excavation in the area where the parking garage will be built has started and construction crews will begin blasting bedrock in mid-April. Blasting will take place over seven weeks with between one and seven blasts per day, starting after 7 a.m. and ending before 6 p.m. Work to remove old utility infrastructure will continue on the western part of the site where the main hospital will be built.

A brief look at excavation work during construction of The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus.

An economic boost for Ottawa

The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus will be a significant economic driver for Ottawa. During construction, it will inject more than $2 billion into Ottawa’s economy, contribute over $1.2 B in labour income, create more than 4000 full time jobs and generate a total economic output north of $3.75 billion.

After construction, about 6,000 people will work at the new campus and that is only portion of the more than 15,000 people who work and practice medicine every day across our campuses. Thousands of staff members, patients and visitors will visit the new hospital every day, and support the local economy through shopping, eating and enjoying the local businesses.

Vital to our community, our economy and our future, the new campus will support broad efforts to retain and attract nurses, physicians, and researchers from across Canada and the world. It will boost Ottawa’s reputation as a global hub for medical discovery and innovation and allow us to continue to attract bright minds from all over the world.